Jenny Downing: sundown

At 17.30 please join us for the daily Gin Tonic Sundowner in the garden. The old custom of enjoying a Gin with a mix of Quinine at sundown goes back to the British colonial days in India. The Quinine helped keep the mosquitoes at bay that start coming out when the sun starts setting. Today, a range of mosquito repellent creams and sprays are available, but it can never hurt with some extra Gin Tonic protection.

Around this time, we also draw the curtain that seals off the entire porch on the lower and second floor of the resort to prevent the mosquitoes from taking advantage of our nudity.


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タイのナチュリストリゾート “泰国裸天体渡假村” “泰国天体渡假村” FKK - Frei Körper Kultur in Thailand - Naturisme i Thailand - Nudist Homestay