About Naturism – What is all about.
Isn’t it illegal to be nude in Thailand?
Yes, in Thailand it is illegal to be nude in public; but Barefeet Naturist Resort is a private resort and that is not in public. Once you register you are a member of the resort for the time that you are registered there.

Is there a naturist organization in Thailand?
There is the Thailand Naturist Association which promotes naturist tourism in Thailand. This organization is open to families and individual members and resorts. We are a member resort of Thailand Naturist Association. It is a growing national organization that follows similar naturist rules that you would find in Europe. www.ThailandNaturist.com

Where can I be nude?
You can be nude at the pool, the lounge and to and from your room, basically anywhere in the resort. We would ask you when sitting to place a towel, a pakaoma or sarong between you and the chair or sofa you are sitting on.

What is the difference between a clothing optional resort and naturist resort?
Clothing-optional means just that, optional. People can choose to be nude, partially nude or remain clothed. We like this idea because it allows first timers to “ease” into the idea of total nudity. Many times a couple wants to try a nude vacation, but the wife just wants to go topless at first. Barefeet Naturist Resort encourages most guests to experience full nudity during their stay. When women have that time of the month it is always acceptable to wear a swimming suit bottom.

What about sex?
Sex is fine we like it. But we believe it is a private matter and it is not allowed outside of your room, this is a family resort.

Naturism and Equality
Many people say that being nude in groups makes them feel more accepted for their entire being — physical, intellectual and emotional. They say that they tend to be more accepted, in spite of differences in age, body shape, fitness, and health. Without clothing, one’s social rank is generally obscured. They report feeling more united with humanity, with less regard to a person’s wealth, position, nationality, race, or sex.

What surprises many first time visitors about clothing-optional resorts?
It is natural to be a bit self-conscious the first time you venture out nude in front of other people. That is, until you realize you are not surrounded by movie stars and TV model type bodies! We mostly hear people say how surprisingly comfortable they feel once they see other ordinary people all around.

How is Barefeet Naturist Resort different from other clothing optional or naturist places?
Firstly, we are the only naturist family facility in Bangkok. Secondly if this is your first time, we are clothing optional and does not require you to be nude immediately. This allows people who want to try the clothing optional experience to ease into. We would expect that you would be easing into naturism within the first few hours. We work hard at helping people realize that a nude body does has nothing to do with wanting or promoting sex. So if you’ve been thinking of having a naturist experience in a safe and quality setting, Barefeet Naturist Resort is for you!

We are interested in trying naturism but we are worried about other people finding out and not understanding. Will our privacy be guarded?
Your privacy is YOUR privacy. We do not give out any personal information about our guests. While you stay with us you’ll be with those who, like you, are concerned with privacy. So, rest assured that your visit will be kept confidential. We understand the difficulty that people might have in trying to grasp the purity of simple nudity and sunbathing.

We are not exactly in “perfect shape.” Will we be embarrassed by this?
One of the benefits of this simple social nudity is that you realize that others are just like you. We’ve been brainwashed by TV and media that a body is only beautiful if it looks like a super model. You’ll discover that: every body IS beautiful — even yours! We all have the “scars of life.” Also, strech marks, tattoos, body piercing’s, and body hair or lack thereof isn’t an issue. Hey, it’s just you and me!

What type of people visit Barefeet Naturist Resort?
Naturists are people that come from all walks of life. Our guests represent every profession (from Professors to workers) and any cultural and religious backgrounds. The one common link all have is the desires to relax, de-stress, and rejuvenate in the safe environment that we offer at Barefeet Naturist Resort.

What are the ages of people who visit Barefeet Naturist Resort?
We have people of all ages: 20s to 80s. We also have families as guests. The median age would probably be between 35-65. Once here, guests who were concerned with age realize that their concerns about age were unfounded. We are so brainwashed by society to view age differentials with distain. Guests mingle here in a community that forms regardless of age. It is a wonderful natural experience. 

What about personal hygiene etiquette in a clothing optional setting?
When being nude at Barefeet Naturist Resort we require that our guests always sit on a towel, pakaoma, or sarong (either in their room or outside). If it is “that” time of the month our female guests simply wear bottoms. Men seem to worry about arousal but it typically doesn’t happen. If it were, simply go into the pool or lay face down on a towel until things subside, actually it would be rude not to do this.


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