Day-visitors are welcome at Barefeet Naturist Resort. But for the comfort of our staying guests, we reserve the right to limit how many we can accept. Use the form below to search if a day visit is available on your preferred date.

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Pre-paid package @ 1.800 THB
Guests who come often should open a pre-paid account and enjoy our substantial discount of over 30 pct. A pre-paid package includes 24 hours of day visit and 3 weekend BBQ’s. The 24 hours and 3 BBQ’s on a pre-paid package can be used anytime within 2 months form the purchase.

Regular price:
24 hours x 80 thb = 1920 thb
3 BBQ x 250 thb = 750 thb
Total 2.670 thb

Pre-paid package price:
24 hours x 50 thb = 1200 thb
3 BBQ x 200 thb = 600 thb
Total 1.800 thb

Saving: 870 THB

To open a pre-paid account, book a normal day visit with the number of hours that you expect to stay on your first visit. When you arrive, then you can pay the pre-paid package price of 1.800 thb – minus the amount paid online already – and your pre-paid benefits will take effect immediately.



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