The groundbreaking ceremony of a new naturist boutique resort, “Barefeet Naturist Resort, Bangkok”, was performed today at the site 30 minutes north of Bangkok city center. The resort will be the first spa and mini-resort in Bangkok catering exclusively to naturists and nudists both Thai and foreign, offering a secure environment for a clothes free lifestyle within the protected walls of the resort. Barefeet Naturist Resort, Bangkok will be operated as a member resort of Naturist Association Thailand Co., Ltd.

The rites performed were traditional animistic-Buddhist in order to please the spirit of the ground and request a profitable future of the project. A special priest is needed as the master of ceremony and the offerings were plentiful, ranging from roast duck to water melon, red Fanta soft drink and Thai sweets.

In the south-western most corner of the building, where the corner pillar is about to be erected, leaves and gold sheets placed in the hole and the steel structure of the pillar placed on top.

Scand-Media Group founder Gregers Moller and his wife Disraporn, sister in law Thongpon, niece Sopida and grandnephew Sugar performed the ceremony. The land is owned by Scandinavian Publishing Co., Ltd. which is one of the Scand-Media Group of Companies. A Danish style “rejsegilde” or topping-out ceremony in English will be held for the staff, constructor and invited guests later in the autumn.

According to the plan, the resort will be completed early next year. It will offer only five guest rooms with sundeck in front of each room, all located on the second floor. On the ground floor there will be a restaurant and spa facilities.

The naturist and nudist travel segment is growing around the world. In Thailand there are so far only a handful of resorts serving this upscale group of locals and tourists, for whom the availability of a clothes free recreational environment is more important than the room rates.

More info on naturism: www.thailandnaturist.com


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