About the massage

What will we learn? You will take turns receiving a quick instruction in how to massage your partner. First on the back, then on the front. Then move on to show you how to apply genital massage to your partner.
What if we get excited? You probably will and our therapists will not be embarrassed. She can also leave the room for half an hour if you wish. But if you propose her any sexual activity she will leave the room and not come back.
Can the therapist be naked? No, we do not allow that.

What is included?

Massage training in basic oil massage and genital massage. A welcome drink or a herbal tea if you prefer that is also included.
Hot tub and sauna? No, these must be purchased separately.
Big pool and sundeck? Yes, you are welcome to stay on and use the pool and the sundeck for one hour before and after the treatment. After that, the regular hourly rate applies.

2600 Baht / 80 USD : Intro course in genital massage for couples

Our massage therapist will first allow you to relax with the basic oil massage strokes. Then she will show you how to add a genital massage to your relationship. You will learn a very basic oil massage method and how to progress from this relaxed stage to focus on the genitals – both his and hers.

It is fun, easy, and the perfectly romantic activity to do together on the weekend! Learn new skills you’ll keep forever – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

You can begin on any day in the week and any time of the day within our working hours. As the course lasts 2 hours, the last time option is 18.00 – 20.00.

After the session, you can relax and enjoy a meal together and discuss the experience.

  • What is aroma oil massage: It is massage with a fragrant oil which is applied to your skin with four basic types of strokes: sliding or gliding, kneading, and friction using palms, thumbs, forearms, even elbows if you want a strong massage.
  • Can the therapist be naked? No, we do not allow that.

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