About the massage

What will we learn? You will take turns receiving instructions how to massage your partner. First on the back, then on the front. The next morning, a refresher will make sure you have not forgotten it all when you get home. This morning, the therapist may also teach you any special techniques that you may request.
What if we get excited? Take it easy, this is very normal and our therapists will just carry on. She can also leave the room for half an hour if you wish. But if you propose her any sexual activity she will leave the room and not come back.
Can the therapist be naked? No, we do not allow that.

What is included?

Massage of the kind and duration, that you have requested is obviously included. So is a welcome drink or a herbal tea if you prefer that.
Hot tub and sauna? No, these must be purchased separately.
Big pool and sundeck? Yes, you are welcome to stay on and use the pool and the sundeck for one hour before and after the treatment. After that, the regular hourly rate applies.

7200 Baht / 220 USD : Massage course (2 hours x 2 times) incl. double room w. breakfast.

Would you like to learn how to give your partner a relaxing and professional Thai oil massage during your stay at Barefeet Naturist Resort? Then buy this package of a room including with a massage course that will strengthen and deepen your relationship.

It is fun, easy, and the perfectly romantic activity to do together on the weekend! Learn new skills you’ll keep forever – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

The course takes place at Barefeet Naturist Resort Bangkok, where the Thai massage therapist will guide you through the techniques. You will learn step-by-step how to massage your partner from applying oil and warming up muscles to working knots and deep tissue massage.

You can begin on any day in the week. On the first day, we start at 6 pm with a two hour session, but participants are encouraged to come already earlier in the day and check into their room. After the session, we all enjoy a light and healthy meal together.

On the next day, breakfast is served around 8 am. After breakfast, the second two hour session will start at 10 am. After the session, a light lunch is served. If nobody is waiting, late checkout from your room is OK up until 16.00.



  • If you have to cancel, please notify us as early as possible. If you cancel one week before the start of the course we refund the full paid up amount. Less than a week, the paid up amount minus 1.000 THB will be refunded.
  • No Shows and Late Arrivals: Participants forfeit their experience and not entitled to a refund or to re-book.



  • Massage class specifically for couples
  • Learn to apply Thai oil massage and relieve stress
  • Enhance trust and intimacy with your partner

Naturism and Massage – a divine combination
Barefeet Naturist Resort is a private resort offering a naturist environment. It is one of the biggest benefits of naturism that you learn how to separate sex from nudity, that a body without clothes is not a sexual object or statement.

When you combine this non-sexual nudity with the touch of our hands, our most basic communication tool, it offers a unique opportunity for couples to experience how also touch can be both intimate and sensual – and still be non-sexual.

The course is for recreational purposes only. You will not receive any certificate, degree or license for completing it.

  • What is aroma oil massage: It is massage with a fragrant oil which is applied to your skin with four basic types of strokes: sliding or gliding, kneading, and friction using palms, thumbs, forearms, even elbows if you want a strong massage.
  • What if I get excited? Take it easy, our therapists will just carry on. But if you propose her any sexual activity she will leave the room and not come back.
  • Buy add-ons: After a regular massage, you may want to continue with one of our add-ons: We offer a facial treatment, a hair removal treatment and a genital treatment. Your therapist may not be skilled in all of them – ask the management. The hot tub and sauna is also an option.
  • Can the therapist be naked? No, we do not allow that.

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