Couple Genital Massage Intro

2600 Baht / 80 USD : Intro course in genital massage for couples Our massage therapist will first allow you to relax with the basic oil massage strokes. Then she will show you how to add a genital massage to your relationship. You will learn a very basic oil massage method and how to progress […]

Massage Course for Couples

7200 Baht / 220 USD : Massage course for 2 x 2 hours plus one overnight stay Would you like to learn how to give your partner a relaxing and professional Thai oil massage? Then buy this package that will strengthen and deepen your relationship. It is fun, easy, and the perfectly romantic activity to do together […]

Naked family package

80 Baht : Day visit charge per hour per person Families who dislike the gender separated and adult sauna and hot pool offers in downtown Bangkok will fully enjoy the “naked family package” at Barefeet Naturist Resort & Spa. Finally, a Spa where your children are welcome for a “lazy family sauna and spa day” […]

Aroma Oil Massage

Our Aroma Oil Massage requires you to be naked while receiving the treatment. Our therapist will, however, wear her regular uniform. We are probably the only non-sexual massage place in Bangkok, where you will experience that. Thai aroma oil massage is a much more gentle treatment than traditional Thai massage but may still vary from […]

Basic Day Visitor package

80 Baht : Day visit charge per hour per person The basic visitor package includes the stay at a very low cost per hours and enjoy being naked with all the benefits that comes with this. You will get a towel and a welcome drink and then you are expected to go and wash yourself […]