Thursday, January 15 2015

We are fully operational now. On 31 December, we inaugurated the resort by moving in ourselves and having Disraporn’s parents stay overnight. But otherwise, there were so many things that still needed adjustments.

The last two weeks have been spent on those many, many details. Including hosting test dinners with friends and family, which has been a pleasant duty. We have also been ventilating the rooms every day to reduce the smell of a new mattresses which I find quite unpleasant.  We have also been planting a number of bushes, having grass laid on the main lawn and – big improvement – installed the mosquito curtain that will seal off the entire porch area outside each room.

So this morning we were down to reading a book and relax after breakfast. I will now close this report on the big project which has been a fantastic journey. All small improvements from now on will be shared on Google+ and Facebook.



Sunday, December 21 2014

What a hard days work we had today! I myself laid the artificial grass deck around the pool, which was precision work. Upstairs, the staff gave the floor the final finishing touch. Ready for the delivery of beds for all the rooms that will come tomorrow, Monday. The foreman was busy hand painting the gold ornaments on my Grand Parents old oak wood dining room furniture – soon 100 years old(!) Last time someone gave this set a complete overhaul was when my Dad did it thirty years ago. Finally, the gates to the parking space are being built. Seriously pretty work! In white painted metal and wood. I will share a photo soon.

Anyway, here is the fruit of my own labor.

CAM01169 CAM01167

I cleaned the water for the first time to get the sand out that had dropped into it and now it will just pump overnight.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yesterday, the pool arrived by truck and was lifted in place in the back corner of the garden under the big leafed tree. This morning, we could not help going in and try to sit in the pool, imagining how it would be with water.



Now we just need four truckloads of sand to fill up around the pool and create a nice deck around it.

The electrician has been busy and this week he will be ready to hook up to the public net and test it all. That is exciting, too.  The water has been complete for some time now – including the shower in the garden near the pool.


Sunday, November 09, 2014

This morning, the foreman at the construction site had cleared the garden area and started marking where to build the fence towards the neighbor. In the first place, we will complete his fence from where it ends to the tall wall at the back. Later, we will increase the height of the fence on our side with something that green plants can climb up on and make a natural green wall.

2014-11-09 07.28.13
The swimming pool will start from where the old fence ends and go down six meeters towards the end of the garden.

On both floors of the house, all the windows are now in place and most of the doors. They still need the final lacquer, but we will keep the natural wood colour.

2014-11-09 07.24.50

The electric installation has started but somehow has been stuck for a few days. I will later today bring the downlight, that we have bought, to the site and let them store it until they are ready.

At the back of the house, I really enjoy our choice of color – RED! – for the water pipes that sprawl the white wall like the lines on a closed circuit chip.

2014-11-05 07.27.28




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