This is my first visit, what should I do?

Say “Hello!” tell us your name and take the seat that you are being offered in front of the registration desk. Relax in the chair and wait for the welcome drink that we will serve you. Remind yourself that you are the customer. It is up to the staff at Baan BareFeet to explain to you what to do next.

Most likely we will ask you if you are a member of Naturist Association Thailand, because in that case you know quite a bit about naturism already. If you are not a member, we will fill you in on the basics. Among others we will explain to you our “rules and manners” policy for visitors.

Next, we will give you two towels – one to dry your self in and one to sit on whenever you sit on a chair in the resort. That is world wide good manners among naturists.

If you are a foreigner and wish to stay as a resident guest, we will fill in the registration card with you and scan this along with your passport. Both documents will by government regulations be sent to the immigration authorities.

Now it is your time to ask questions and below you will find the most frequently asked questions:

Will I have to undress and be nude right away?

No, but we suggest that you at least undress and wrap a towel around you. It will make you feel better than if you are the only dressed person in the room. Wear that towel as long as you want – just don’t wear it in the swimmingpool, please.

How do I act when talking to others?

It is often difficult for new people to know where to look. To a naturist, there is no difference between being dressed or nude. Try to act as you normally would.

It is OK to look. Out of curiosity you may initially look longer at others’ genitals and breasts. Just don’t stare. In time, you’ll be less curious about these areas and concentrate again on the face and eyes.

Do I have to join something to visit?

Baan BareFeet is a member of Naturist Association Thailand and we strongly encourage our guests to register as members of NAT as well. We will allow you two or three visits before you must decide to join. As a member, you are allowed to visit other clubs affiliated with Naturist Association Thailand, and you will receive invitations to go on day trips and attend other events.

What if I meet someone I know?

Probably not. But if you do then they are just as nude as you are. They are probably already comfortable with naturism and they will probably be happy to see you. And now you have something interesting to talk about!

Are single people welcome?

Baan BareFeet is mostly geared towards couples, but singles are welcome as well. Naturism is not about your gender or your sexual orientation.

What should I take with me?

The same things you would take when going to the beach (except a bathing suit!): sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. Don’t worry about coffee, water, fruit, which will be free for all guests. Other beverages and food is for sale.

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See you!


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